Branding for an air lounger company
Retail, Outdoors, E-Commerce
May 2020
Branding, Logotype, Photography

​​With the most endurable inflatable sofa on the market, Chillbean changes the way we explore the world.

Targeting a more premium segment than its competitors, Chillbean needed to refresh their brand and turn it into a more elevated offering that better spoke to more sophisticated travellers. This was achieved by was stripping down the overall feel, while keeping the fun and lighthearted approach of the brand.

With the goal of adapting the brand to an expanding product line and upcoming patterns, the logo was stripped down to a minimalist symbol, while keeping the joyful approach of the brand by using a round, fat, type for the name.

To blend in with the product and Logotype, we used Noway round with its smooth functionality as the primary typeface for brand communication. Together with rounded icons, we found a consistency match spanning the end product to the website that felt clear, fun, and self-aware.

Since the rebrand, Chillbean has been acquired by one of the largest providers of outdoor gear in Europe, making room for expansion in their product line and E-commerce operations.

“Nextwave were fantastic to work with. They rebuilt our entire brand and identity in record time, strongly recommend”
Lucas Vagner, Founder Chillbean