Eneroth Executive

Identity and website for a headhunting agency
Apri 2020
Visual Identity, Website, Copywriting, Photography

Eneroth is a headhunting agency with the main objective of standing out – in both their quality of work and commitment to clients.

It was important that the identity be both sophisticated and approachable. We created a logo-mark using the E as the main communication symbol. For extended use we complimented the mark with a modified typeface. With soft feminine colors combined with friendly, elegant typefaces, we wanted to inspire a feeling of professional confidence with a touch of luxury.

It was important to showcase elegant and up-to-date images, and we hired our go-to photography studio G40 to take over ten portraits and additional lifestyle shots for the website.

We wanted Eneroth’s online presence to mirror the brand by embracing simplicity. We developed a boxed layout structure to frame each section, giving the information room to breathe. Together with the images, we found exactly the sort of relaxed sophistication that we wanted to achieve.

“The work together with the Nextwave team was great, with excellent communication and professional deliveries.”

Marcela Mieres Eneroth, Founder Eneroth Executive