Nordic Pirate Games

Landing page for a Kickstarter project
Kickstarter, Boardgame
September 2020

Bringing the wildest dice game of the century to life.

Lying Pirates is a multi-layer modular first to finish dice game for 3-6 players, with millions of varied outcomes. We had the pleasure of working on their landing-page for the launch of their Kickstarter release.

The site features gameplay details, social presence, and animation of components, as well as video, downloadable content, and a signup form.

We worked closely on this project together with the Nordic Pirate team to integrate their unique gameplay and illustrations into their site. Images were 3D rendered to give a larger than life impression of the final game experience.

Since launch, the game has received over 500 email signups and 1,300 followers, without any form of advertising.

“Nextwave designed a great experience for our landing page. Our community still ask who's the person behind it”
Mikaela Hård, Founder Nordic Pirate Games